Change Your Tune


The umm, let’s call it “blessing” of being called to write is that you really don’t have a whole lot of choice about transparency. If you’ve ever felt a out of sorts with a bout of self-pity I pray this blog post helps.

I was at an event with a close to a thousand people, among whom were some of my favorites. I had an awesome time, was encouraged in my faith, and chatted with people I have known and loved for a long…

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An Inconvenient Grace (or How a Black Girl Wrestled with God in a Parking Lot)

I have an amazingly quick witted family. In a recent Facebook thread my nephew initiated a conversation in which someone posted a snarky comment. I cracked up at his response, “And yet, Jesus still loves you!” I told him I had to use that one. I aim to but I didn’t expect it to be used on me first.

In the wake of the Charlottesville terrorist attack, a subsequent encounter my daughter had with an angry man in her apartment parking lot, the non-response response from leaders,…

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Riding the Wave: Finding Peace When Life See-Saws

Sharing the heart alert! … I have been under personal stress for the past few weeks. Nothing unmanageable if the causes were coming at me one at a time. But Life isn’t polite. Without apology, consideration for your plans, or a glance at your schedule, Life punches its way through, sits where it pleases, and does what it wants, landing the great and not so great in your lap to deal with.

When you’re a person a lot of people turn to, you can sometimes feel like you have…

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Surviving Success


Is it the 1st standing ovation? Maybe it’s the 2nd time someone you’ve never met greets you by name. Or it could be the check that covers your bills, puts 5 figures in your savings and a new outfit in your closet. Perhaps the community leaders admiring your brilliance and creativity.  That first taste of success is sweetened with dreams of grandeur, with a hint of silk wishes and diamond hopes. You’re on your way… doing the thang… becoming known… actualizing your purpose. It is intoxicating.

For every 50 believers in Christ who…

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